How to Apply


1. Why a house and not a different building?
We intentionally sought out a residential property because we believe that a home-like environment feels safe and nurturing, and fits well with our philosophy that school should be an extension of the home learning environment. The interior of the Schoolhouse has been converted to open the space, make proper ADA adaptations, and allow for flexibility in use.

2. What is a “small class size?”
At Micro, a small class size means 1 lead teacher to 12 students along with support staff aiding in the classroom. The whole school, K-5, has about 24 students. At Highlands Micro School, our ratios allow one-to-one time that is truly unbeatable in a school setting.

3. Are you required to give standardized tests?
We are not required to administer any standardized tests. At Micro, each student is frequently evaluated by the teacher, themselves and other students. Both formal and informal assessments are made to ensure that each child is making progress, and quarterly narrative assessments help parents understand where their child is on his/her learning journey. The students build portfolios of their work to demonstrate their deepening understanding of the world around them and present them at student-led conferences with parents twice a year. Teacher-generated report cards are distributed after each semester.

4. Do you offer financial aid?
Unfortunately, we are currently at capacity for financial aid recipients.

5. Do you offer extended care?
We offer a Life Skills Block from 3-6pm each day school is in session, led by a licensed elementary school teacher. This class is $16/day per student and is contracted by semester. $20/day drop-in rate is offered to current families when the program is not at capacity.

6. Can I see the school?
Of course! Please schedule a tour by contacting Anne Wintemute at anne@highlandsmicroschool.com.

7. Is Highlands Micro School an “approved” school?
Yes. Micro exceeds all compulsory education requirements for the state of Colorado. Your child’s attendance at Highlands Micro School fulfills all state educational requirements.

8. Can my child access public school district resources even though they attend Highlands Micro School?
Private school students usually have access to some public school resources. The superintendent of each school district has authority over granting services to students enrolled in independent schools.

9. Do you require academic testing as part of the application process?
No. Micro believes that each child arrives right where they need to be. Our teachers are able to meet each child where they are throughout the learning spectrum. However, we do want to ensure that a child is a good fit, and do require that families have their child’s current teacher complete an evaluation form so that we have as much information as possible to help us determine if Micro is a good overall fit. If an applicant has not had a prior teacher, we ask that another adult who knows your child well complete this evaluation.

10. Do you offer special services or behavioral support for students with special needs?
As a small school with just two to four full time teachers, we are not able to offer special services for severe learning disabilities, behavioral challenges or certain other student support needs. Because some needs become apparent only after a student has begun school, we maintain a resource list and will ensure that each student receives the support they need to thrive. We will determine our ability to serve students on an individual basis.