How to Apply

Our Playground

Highlands Micro School has a front yard and a backyard in which to play and explore in a variety of ways. The front yard has astro turf and a big open space for sports and activities such as soccer, kickball, volleyball, tag and yoga. The back yard provides a large digging area, swing, climbing area, expansive wooden platform/play structure and a stage meant to foster imagination and creativity. 

All K-5 grades are oftentimes out on the playground together. It allows our older crew members to foster their patience and understanding and our youngers to gain confidence and social skills. It’s a truly lovely dynamic to witness. It’s a common occurence to watch kids of all ages enjoying a game or project together.

Students have a 20-30 minute recess/snack break and a 45-60 minute lunch break and we eat outside on the heated covered patio 90% of the time. They are welcome to use school plates and utensils and have access to microwaves for reheating food. After eating, everyone is expected to take care of their own cleanup and washing of any school dishes used.