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Anne Wintemute, founder of the Highlands Micro School, joins host Laura Armer in this episode of The DIY Learner podcast.

Anne’s background in business start-up and development and experience as an advocate for evidence-based maternity care paved the way for her current venture, Highlands Micro School.  Highlands Micro School is the product of combining private-sector innovation and evidence-based practices in education.  In this episode, Anne tells Laura about what inspired her to start a micro school, and she explains the philosophy of Highlands Micro School.  Listen and learn how Anne has dealt with some of the challenges along the way. By using the best available research to inform the school philosophy and practices, Highlands Micro School has attracted an eager group of families who seek a well-rounded education for their child.  Anne Wintemute lives on an urban farm in Denver with her husband and 3 young daughters.

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