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Colorado Public Radio story on Highlands Micro School

“Modern One-Room School House Coming To Denver’s Highland Neighborhood” … Article from Colorado Public Radio by Jenny Brundin published on February 9, 2016 …

Think of a one-room school house — it’s probably an old wooden school on a prairie in the 1800s, maybe with Laura Ingalls Wilder and her sister Mary inside, right? Except, this August, a new one-room school house comes to Perry Street in Denver’s Highland neighborhood.

Before it does, Highlands Micro School Director Anne Wintemute has to finish a $300,000 renovation to take a modest duplex and turn it into a “homey, but modern” little school for 24 kindergarten through 5th graders. One class will be Kindergarten through second; the other, as the school grows, will host third through fifth graders.

The house is empty right now, except for the tiny wooden school chairs she scrounged from a school district dumpster. It won’t look this way for long, though.

“What you see today is very much unlike what it will be then [when school opens in August],” Wintemute tells parents during a January information session on the school as she explains the school’s daily routine, the curriculum, and the philosophy behind a school. “But I think it’s really great to get to be in a space that means so much for the future, to be able to see it in its original form and then really watch the dream come to life.”

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