The Schoolhouse Environment


The Schoolhouse was intentionally designed to look and feel like home, but to also be highly flexible for learning.  When arriving to school, children hang their coats at the door, remove their outside shoes, and place their lunches in the refrigerator. Lunch is enjoyed by students and staff on a cloth-covered table with cloth napkins, and the playground is made up of tree trunk climbing structures, a whimsical playhouse, giant sandbox and an impressive array of open-ended building materials.  By melding the school/home atmosphere, we pay tribute to the important role school plays in enhancing life outside of the classroom, rather than being a system in and of itself.

In addition to the physical space, we cultivate a love of learning through pursuing interests, making mistakes, and keeping children engaged.  We believe that childhood is a passage to be honored and that play is a child’s work.  By allowing ample time for indoor and outdoor play that is appropriate for each developmental level, children get the most out of their school experience.

Our unbeatable class sizes mean every student feels important, and close student-teacher relationships build a foundation of trust.  In our small classes, our teachers are able to truly differentiate instruction and spontaneously integrate non-academic subjects like art, music, physical education, gardening and design into the day.

Our flexibility allows us to spend a great deal of time learning in the community.  The ability to use public transportation, take spur of the moment trips when an opportunity presents itself, and to participate in activities that would not be possible in large groups, means our students have access to an extraordinarily wide variety of experiences.

Our unique approach to real-life, whole child education in a small, nurturing environment sets us apart from any traditional school.