Our Progressive Approach

At Highlands Micro School, our progressive approach means that we see the individual child’s curiosities, abilities and learning style as important drivers in the creation of customized curriculum and assessments.  We believe in driving students to follow their interests and pursue problems in a way that makes sense to them.  By encouraging students to construct their knowledge in personalized ways, they are better able to defend their conclusions and explain their reasoning.  Through the use of hands-on experiences, projects and challenges, students develop their unique interests and gain deep understanding of the world around them.

100 years of research and the newest ideas in 21st century learning support the rich and relevant education the progressive model has to offer.

We do not believe children learn best through standardization, testing, and passive consumption of knowledge.  We believe that children are best served by being engaged in experiential learning and having the opportunity to construct his or her own understanding and knowledge.

Progressive education has always cultivated what we now call 21st century skills.

Learning and Innovation Skills: creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

Information Literacy: effectively using, managing and evaluating information from all sources.

Life and Career Skills: social and emotional skills, self-direction, adaptability, teamwork, accountability and leadership.

Highlands Micro School and progressive education demand the mastering of core academic content, but evaluate and assesses mastery through demonstration in real-world contexts and for a purpose.  By pairing core academic skills with authentic experiences, students at Highlands Micro School develop important life-success skills in conjunction with academic success.