Academic Rigor

Like other exceptional schools, we ask a lot of our students.  By providing an academic experience that is personally challenging, highly customized, relevant, deep and rich, Highlands Micro School prepares students for entry into excellent middle schools.  We strive to lay a foundation for future learning through character development and academic excellence, all within a school with a nurturing and supportive culture.

At Highlands Micro School, the three building blocks of Essential Knowledge, Critical Thinking and Character work together to educate all aspects of a child.  Through hands-on, multi-age and interdisciplinary learning and social emotional development as a core aspect of life in the Schoolhouse, our expert teachers cherish and challenge each child.

Our approach prepares our students to succeed as students and as people.

Essential Knowledge -- Micro students graduate with a strong foundation of essential knowledge.  Students are engaged in the use, integration, mechanics and appreciation of the following subject areas:

Art and Expression      Information Literacy and Research       Mathematics      Music       Movement and Personal Health       Reading       Sciences     Service – To our Community and World      Social Studies     Writing

Critical Thinking -- The collective body of knowledge doubles every year, swiftly outpacing our ability to memorize information.  Today and in the future, the ability to think critically is and will be the primary skill used to adapt and create in a changing landscape. The development and use of purposeful reasoning helps inform an individuals beliefs and actions and is strengthened by empathy.  By helping children understand themselves and the challenges facing them and their world, they learn to address problems from a range of perspectives and are well suited to become independent thinkers and problem-solvers.

 Character – Personal character is a powerful predictor of life-success and fulfillment, and no education can be considered complete without addressing it.  We encourage growth through identifying challenges and continuing in the face of hardship, develop a child’s ability to confidently and competently resolve peer conflict, and cultivate each students understanding of their ability to positively change the world in which they live.