Become a Teacher with Micro and Stanley!

Are you interested in becoming a teacher?  The Stanley Teacher Prep program is seeking intern candidates for placement at Highlands Micro School, as well as other public school and private schools.  Intern teachers gain an understanding of experience-based, developmentally appropriate education over the course of 1 school year.  They take on steadily increasing responsibilities as their skills and confidence grow, while working with a skilled mentor teacher.  With ongoing feedback and support from both their mentor teachers and educational advisors, interns participate in all aspects of the teaching process. They learn to help children with a wide range of abilities and share in celebrating diversity within the classroom.  Intern teachers take 225 hours of course work on Thursday afternoons in order to obtain licensure through the state of Colorado.  Contact Director Anne Wintemute if you are interested in placement at Highlands Micro School, and for more information on the Stanley Teacher Prep program please visit or email Jessamyn Lockhart at

See the Stanley Teacher Prep Flyer here.