Expert Teachers

Teachers at Highlands Micro School understand that they have the ability to profoundly impact a child’s life.

Scientists working in the field of cognition understand that children construct their comprehension by making connections and seeing the interrelationships of new and prior knowledge.  They learn better through direct and sensory experiences than by any other method.  To put it simply, learning by doing is the best form of education.

Because of our mixed-age, multi-year program, our expert teacher gets to know each child deeply.  Combining expert knowledge of cognitive and social and emotional development in childhood with close relationships the teacher has with each child allows us to best serve each child’s intellectual growth and well being.

At a progressive school, the role of the teacher is exceedingly complex.  By not relying on texts, lectures and standardized tests, our teacher is required to customize rigorous and thoughtful projects and learning opportunities. The curriculum, based on pre-identified learning goals, often emerges in real time from the knowledge and understanding the teacher has about her or his students.

Our teacher plans an academic curriculum that meets or exceeds state guidelines and is deeply engaging, personally relevant, and directs students toward learning outcomes.  

Our expert teacher also trains future teachers.  Through our partnership with the Stanley British Teacher Prep Program, a full-time teaching resident assists in the Schoolhouse while gaining first hand experiences in best practices in elementary education.

Our professional development program allows our teacher to participate in continuing education and greater networks of progressive education.  By regularly attending workshops, our teacher stays abreast of the latest research and application of best practices.